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Is it possible the California DLSE Office's is in Error

Los Angeles, CA |

I filed a retaliation complaint with the California DLSE office claiming I was fired by my employer for other reason's (pretex) than what they state. I believe those reason were illegal under California law. I was able to present overwhelming evidence with a list of over 15 witnesses. My work history evaluation were better than average every that I was employed. I lost the case. The DLSE office sent my notice during Christmas week, which I was received on the last possible day to appeal (Friday). I called the office and no one was there to take my call other than the receptionist. Everyone left for the holiday weekend at 1pm. I left a message on the chief deputy commissioner voice mail stating "I appeal". I sent an appeal letter the next. Appeal denied! What can I do now

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it is for this reason that many attorneys recommend getting a right to sue letter and suing in civil court instead of using the DLSE hearings.

You may still have the right to bring an action in civil court. You should speak to an attorney who can help you navigate the waters.

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