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Is it possible for my first DUI to be removed from record since i was 17 in California

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I live in California, now in the court room, my attorney's plea bargain was if I did my sentence and pled guilty it would be dismissed, I did everything i was sentenced to and I was under the age of 18 at the time. So I am asking if its possible for a DUI to be removed from record and will it affect my second one. I just want to make sure.

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While you can have the criminal conviction dismissed that will not erase the conviction on your rap sheet or clear your record with the DMV where it will remain forever.


If you were under 18 at the time, the first question I have is whether your case was in juvenile court or adult court. If it was in juvenile court, then that record may be sealed. However, if the second DUI was within 10 years of the first, then the first will count as a prior and the second DUI will be prosecuted as such. If your case was in adult court, there is not a realistic way for it to be totally removed from your record, as CA does not offer true expungement. If you have an attorney, I strongly suggest that you talk to him or her about it, as they will be in a much better position to advise you than any of us on here. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Since your question is a little confusing I will just say the following...
A DUI conviction as a minor under the age of 18 years old cannot be charged or even considered as a prior alcohol offense in any criminal court... But the DMV is allowed to consider any juvenile suspension based on an alcohol offense when setting the terms of suspension based on the new offense. Depending on your age your attorney will advise you about your license suspension options if any.

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