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Is it possible for me to beat a violation of probation charge?

Manassas, VA |

I left my probation because i was not allowed to move . I told my probatio officer that i was being abused by my boy friend. I am in theropy now and i have recently been told i suffer from ptsd as well as bi polar. I am now pregnant and i am high risk. what do you think. I have since bought my own home and i have a job now.

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Attorney answers 2


Everything you have stated would be relevant at your probation revocation hearing. I would stay in contact with the p.o. and I would contact an attorney in your area who can begin formulating a defense.


It sounds like you have many defenses, but it will be important to know what the probation officer is going to say you did to violate, aside from moving. He may say you absconded (went missing and was out of contact with the PO), and if that's the case, you may have a more difficult time defending the charge. The other facts you mention, i.e. being pregnant and getting a job, will go to mitigation in the case that you are found in violation. It is important that you get an attorney to defend you in this matter.