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Is it possible for a ticket thats been in colllections for 6 years be pulled out by bonnylake court for payment arrangments

Tacoma, WA |

collection agencey screwed me outta my licence because i was 10 days late paying finenow they want to much money all at once to get my licence back bonnylake court has one of my tickets that ive been fatfully paying each month so i was just couious if they might be able to pull out this one holding my licence and let me make payments i just want to know befiore i go in there looking stupid if its not at all possible

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Is it possible? Yes, its certainly is. Your best bet is to make a request to the court in writing for a hearing to explain your situation. The only possible responses are yes or no, neither of which make you look stupid.



thank you so much for answering my question


I have had courts pull matters out of collection on many occasions. That being said, it depends on the particular court. Still, it never hurts to ask.

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