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Is it possible for a man to get a fair trial in the family courts in Monmouth County?

Neptune, NJ |

After staying in an abusive relationship for over 20 years I finally found the strength to stand up to my abusive wife. For years I was abused both emotionally and physically but I stayed because I was afraid I would lose my two children. Her mother was also abusive to her and tried to alienate her father also. My wife has a lawyer who is very good at manipulating the system. He has lied and in my opinion has acted in a very unethical manner. I have decided to go to trial. I have heard of many horrible stories about fathers who have limited success in getting justice. I have a tevis claim and I firmly believe that a jury of normal intelligent citizens would have little problems deciding this case. My question is does a man really have a chance of getting justice in Monmouth County?

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Yes. Ask your lawyer. If you do not have one, my answer changes to no. You would be very foolish to face a "very good lawyer" with someone guessing how the system works.

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Family Court judges are some of the most highly skilled in the court system and they are extraordinarily experienced at cutting through the Fog and getting to the truth. I would caution that the longer a judge has been on the bench, the more adept they are cutting through the tears. Now that is a general proposition. The second question is whether you are represented. If you are not, then as you say, the system can be played and all of your evidence can be kept out. Finally there is the quality of the testimony/ evidence. Assume you will get a fair shot from the judge. The real question is whether your evidence gets presented.


I am a family lawyer in Monmouth County and have been for my entire career. I am probably in Monmouth County Courthouse at least 3 days every week. I believe you can definitely get a fair trial in Monmouth County. However, I do believe you are at an extreme disadvantage if you do not have an attorney and heading into a trial, especially with regards to the Tevis count. I suggest if you have an attorney that you prepare extremely well prior to trial, and if you do not have an attorney, I suggest that you immediately attempt to retain one.

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