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Is it possiable in NC to get a suspended or reduced sentence for ID Theft charges?

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got charged with class G felony of ID Theft, I have no priors, not even a traffic ticket. and the amount is less than 1500.00, my ex husband told me i could apply for a credit card in his name because i was having a financial hardship, now almost 3 years later hes took out charges on me saying he never gave me permission, i paid off the card, really dont want to go to jail...really hoping for some type of suspended sentence, but ive heard that even first time offenders can get prison time for this type of crime.

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Given the specific facts that you have presented in your posting, prior to your going any further in inquiring about suspended sentences, you need to be consulting with a criminal defense attorney in your area regarding possible defenses to the charges. Granted, there may be a factual issue for a jury to resolve as to whether or not your ex gave permission, or not, the real issue is whether, under the circumstances, you even committed any crime at all. If your financial situation precludes retaining private counsel, at least speak with a couple of private attorneys to get their input, and then go to court on the specific date indicated and request the appointment of counsel to handle it from that point on. Good luck with this.


If you are found Guilty of a Class G felony you can face up to 16 months active time. However, the presumptive range is 10-13 months, and can be suspended while you serve a probationary sentence. However, do not rule out the possibility of winning at trial or striking a favorable plea agreement.

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Do not post any incriminating information on a public site. Retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and have the attorney explore all options on your behalf to limit what happens. Good luck.