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Is it police misconduct if the officer failed to identify himself, refused to give his badge number.

Palm City, FL |

the problem is me and 5 friends were using a cut through in palm city florida and its on public land between a fence and a wooded area. the person on the other side of the fence called the police.we heard a male booming voice yell hey!but nothing afterwords, so me and my friends initially bolted but i yelled its a cop and we stopped because we didnt do enything wrong. and we initially ran because we didnt no who it was,he didnt identify himself with the sheriffs office. the officer also refused to give up his badge number and name when i requested it. he was also very disrespectful.he arrested my friend on a take a hold but didnt tell him or me what it was for. i believe this to be police misconduct theres more wronging he did but i want to know if i got enough to report him to the sheriff

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If he was in uniform I don't believe there is any misconduct. They are only required to identify themselves when you can't see them, such as when they are entering your residence, or your back is turned.

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