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Is it ok to not have payroll run for a period of 3.5 weeks(18 working days) on H1B due to delay in joining date at new firm?

San Antonio, TX |

I recently changed employers(H1 Transfer) and my joining date at the new client location was 11/11 with last working day at old employer as 11/8.
Due to some reorg at the new client office my joining date was delayed for about 3.5 weeks (18 working days). I finally joined the new place on 12/5.

So I do not have a Paystub for the period between 11/11 - 12/04 while on H1B.
It was my understanding that Paystubs always have to generate on H1B visa. But my employer assures me that if the annual salary adds up to the figure in the offer letter then the missing paystub period does not really matter.

Please could you advise if legally it's acceptable to not have paystubs generated on an H1B due to a genuine delay in joining.

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This is a fact specific question. I suggest you contact an employment lawyer in your area.

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