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Is it normal for my attorney to not go with me to an initial appearance in court?

Grand Prairie, TX |

My lawyer says he is not going to be attending my initial appearance in court. I thought a lawyer was always supposed to go to court with you.

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Some people go to their initial appearance without a lawyer because they have not yet hired one. However, if you have hired a lawyer, that lawyer should go to all court appearances with you. I'd hesitate to keep this person as my lawyer if I were you.


I second what the first poster wrote. I would need a very good explanation personally to keep an attorney who sent me to a setting by myself.


If your attorney has a good reason for not being able to attend (another, more serious court appearance with another client for example), then he should arrange to have an attorney from his firm or another attorney attend with you. It is inappropriate to send a client to court alone, once you have been retained (or appointed).

I agree with the others. Find someone new.


Sometimes there are conflicts. Especially, if your case is a criminal case, you need to tell the court that you want a reset so that your attorney can make the court appearance. Even if you have a civil case, generally the court will give you a reset.

However, your attorney should contact the court to let them know they are your attorney and when they need it reset for. If however, you have not actually retained the attorney, then he would not want to show up.