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Is it normal for a foreclosure attorney to charge $ 5000 + on a simple foreclosure proceeding that did not reach the court for a

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I hired a lawyer to foreclose on a buyer of vacant lot who defaulted on his mortgage payment (us). We ended up per attys advise in mediation with the buyer getting off without paying anything and us getting back the lot after paying all the back taxes that was not paid by this buyer. The lawyer that we hired to do this charges us for more than $5000 fee for this matter. Does it sounds right? where do we get help ?

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It's hard to say based on the facts provided if the attorney fees are unreasonable. The attorney fee should be based on the time and expertise of th attorney. Unless your attorney is working on a contingincy basis, i doubt that the attorney would guarantee case results. You could request a Fee Arbitration through the Florida Bar if you wish to dispute the fee. The Fee Arbitration Program is an informal, free service provided by The Florida Bar to resolve fee disputes between attorneys and clients and between attorneys. The arbitration process may be initiated by either the client or the attorney and may be used instead of a lawsuit to settle a fee dispute.

To avoid future disputes, be sure discuss legal fees and related costs during the initial consulation and develop a written fee areement. Make sure you understand what the agreement does and does not cover. For example, will the client be charged each time he or she telephones the attorney? Does the fee include regular status reports to the client?


I agree with the answer provided by my colleague. I would only add that it is wise to obtain a fee estimate from your attorney for the likely cost of the work. It won't be absolute, but it will give you a baseline that you can judge what the work will likely cost in the end.

While the information provided may deal with legal issues, it does not constitute legal advice. If you have specific questions related to your legal concern, you are encouraged to consult an attorney who can investigate the particular circumstances of your situation. The law is rapidly changing, and as such I do not warranty or guarantee the accuracy of this information until after a thorough legal analysis that addresses your specific concern.


$5,000.00 is on the high side of normal. When large financial institutions hire massive foreclosure firms they do not pay nearly this much. Of course when banks hire foreclosure mills there cases often take years to go from filing to judicial sale. Did you shop around before hiring a lawyer? Is the price more than you were quoted? Did you ask for an estimate of how many hours your case would take if paying hourly or the expected cost for the engagement? Did the $5,000.00 fee include the filing fee paid the the Clerk of Courts that is a cost and not income to a lawyer. Consumers that do not put time and effort into researching and screening potential lawyers often end up paying more and getting less. Investing time to hire the the right lawyer is usually time well spent.

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