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Is it legally safe/smart to sign a Lease with Option to Buy on a home Pro Se?

Carlsbad, NM |

My current landlord has had the home that I am currently in, on the market prior to me renting it and has been unable to sell it. He asked me if I wanted to purchase the home and I told him I was not in a financial situation that would allow me to do so with complications of my husbands health. He later asked if I would be interested in a Lease with Option to Buy contract. He has stated that we either have to do this or I will have to move at the end of the lease in a few short months because the house is in my landlords divorce case and he has to "sell" the home. I cannot afford an attorney so my question is, would I also be protected in this lease? And is it smart to sign pro se (without a real estate attorney). My research on the net has provided me with some info but not enough.

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You should never sign a contract of such significance without consulting an attorney. Seek out volunteer lawyer services at bar associations, courthouse libraries, law schools, etc. for a pro bono attorney that will take a look at the contract for you.

You could begin searching for help with the following agencies:

New Mexico Legal Aid
200 E. 4th
P.O. Box 1087
Roswell, NM 88202-1087


Southern New Mexico Legal Services
300 N Downtown Mall
Las Cruces, NM 88001-1247
P: 505-541-4867
F: 505-541-4840


You are protected through the end of your lease. Lease with Option to Buy contracts are very technical and you do not want to sign an agreement of this nature without advice of counsel, regardless of what you've read on the Internet.

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