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Is it legal to slap your child across the face or to slap them on the bottom to discipline them?

Everett, WA |

my daughter keeps yelling & screaming at me saying horrible things & then threatined to call CPS if I slapped her or did anything about her behavior.

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It all depends on how hard you slap them,. If you leave a mark and someone notices, you're probably going to get a visit. Corporal punishment by a parent is not illegal in Wa. state, but it's a dicey proposition because school teachers are required to make a report to CPS if they believe a child is being abused. It's easy to lose your temper with kids and that's why it's better to devise a more controlled way of discipline to insure that if you lose your temper, the child does not suffer the consequences.

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I would think it legal . The question would be whether or not the slap is abuse.
This is a control issue. Suggest that you carefully select a psychologist to assist you with developing an effective approach.
Personally, I'd slap the kid and tell her to do whatever she wanted to do about it.

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Consider the age of your daughter, the circumstances that provoke the behavior, and your range of options to deal with the behavior or the problem underlying it. That may require consulting a professional, or just an experienced parent. Striking a child in anger is a questionable practice as you often cannot control your own response and it sets a bad example for the child. School nurses and counselors are often good sources of information. I would treat this as a parenting or psychological problem before treating it as a legal problem.

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