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Is it legal to sell the following items

Sunapee, NH |

I would like to know, if I were to purchase a small(50 pieces) amount of branded apparel from overseas' Factory Outlets (Outlets that sell goods which are "overruns" or "seconds") to have them resold in my country at a higher price (but lower than original boutique prices)

Am I breaking any laws by doing so (eg. "resale""export import" laws) and through what means am I able to sell these products. Would it be legal to sell these items on a Blogshop?

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Do not sell any brand name label merchandise without a license. I know people do it all the time. But, for example, the feds finally got around to busting some individuals in Derry, NH this year for selling "knock off" merchandise and they face hefty fines and imprisonment. That's a slightly different matter, but, selling branded merchandise without the license from the designer/manufacturer also carries liabilities.

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