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Is it legal to require carpeting in my apartment in the state of New Jersey???

Parsippany, NJ |

My neighbor who lives below us is complaining about noise and states that by law we are required to carpet 80% of the apartment. I've searched & have not located this law. My lease does state that tenants living in the 2nd floor apartments are required to install carpet at tenant's expense. If required shouldn't the landlord be paying for this? I ultimately feel that the noise is coming from the hardwood floors which creek incessantly. Certain locations of the floor show visible spacing and exhibit extreme squeaking when shifting weight on that location. I would like to keep my apartment carpet free and am trying resolve this issue by obtaining cushioned sandals to use inside the home. If this does not work can the landlord/neighbor below legally force me to carpet my apartment?

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There is no law in NJ requiring carpeting in an apartment. The Lease clause obligating you to install carpet is binding and enforcible by the LL.

Sandra A Joseph

Sandra A Joseph


Leases may have a clause that you have to carpet 80% of the area. But there is no law that requires you or the LL to install carpeting or cushioning.

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