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Is it legal to let someone commit suicide (hanging) in Minnesota if you present, observing & can easily prevent it?

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His wife was there when he ran upstairs and present and observing when he hung himself after they had an argument. She was present!. It took her 20 + min. to get him down, nobody ever saw him hanging, but she claimed she got him down (?) just before the EMT got there. The police did not investigate ANYTHING or question anybody but her.. The Sheriff told us unless we have a witness that saw her strangler him we had no case. They were finalizing the Divorce and separated. She showed up at the house! He was looking forward to finalizing the divorce and starts a new life. He was NOT suicidal. About $ 750.00 was involved not belonging to her but if he died before the settlement (within 2-weeks) she gets everything and did!! The sheriff fouled the investigation up and did not secure the scene.

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You can try to get the state police or atty general interested if local police screwed up investigation. Have you talked to the district attys office? Otherwise, you may have to hire investigators of your own but that may not work and could be expensive. Was there an autopsy? There are nationally renowned experts who can review the autopsy and other reports etc for an opinion. You can also try to fins a lawyer to file a civil case against her (like the family did to OJ).


You can discuss your concerns with the local police or the DA 's office, but its up the them if they want to look more into it.


Speak to DA.

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