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Is it legal to have wire transfers sent to a bank accout then send money western union to Russia dating service?

Bremen, AL |

A dating and wedding service wants me to work for them. I have to open a bank account where their clients will transfer teir payment to the account. I then will get the money and send it to the company via western union. I am needing to know if this is legal or if I need to stay clear of this company.

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Be very careful and do much research. There are many scams going on where money orders are sent and then you are asked to deposit to your account and forward to another place. You do it and then find that the item you deposited (a money order, etc) was counterfeit. These kinds of scams are wide spread. There's several going on now aimed at lawyers and very wise and careful people are falling for them. If it is too good to be true, than it probably isn't.


The word here is "due diligence." First do you know who you are dealing with? If not, that's a red flag. Second can the other party supply you references. After all you do not want to end up being charged with money laundering. Third, ask yourself and the other party too, why would they need such a convoluted arrangement to transfer money when they could simply recieve the funds directly via Western Union from thier clients.

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