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Is it legal to garnish wages without the person being served? (Georgia)

Fairbanks, AK |

Let me preface...I know I'll need to get an attorney...

I received a notice of wage garnishment for $3000. Apparently, an attorney/debt collector's office served my old address in Georgia. I've lived in Alaska for a year now and for some reason (even though my mail is forwarded) there's now an order in Georgia. Obviously I didn't appear b/c I live 4k miles away and didn't know to show up!

I don't even know if this debt belongs to me...what do I do to ensure they don't get my money!

Ok...more info. So apparently someone at the old address signed for it back in 2008. I had someone get the paperwork today and the default judgment was entered in Aug. 2008. I NEVER received anything regarding this...none of the judgment paperwork and not even the garnishment paperwork. So here's the kicker: this credit card was opened before I was 17. So now my question is am I past the time to get back into court to overturn the judgement? Speaking in terms of Georgia law...

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They can serve the last known address. You have the option of going back to the court where the judgment was issued and trying to reopen the default judgment.

Barring that they can freeze bank accounts in the jurisdiction where the judgment is filed and garnish wages if they find you are employed.

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