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Is it legal to fire a Kansas employee after return from FMLA leave?

Kansas City, KS |

I had appendicitis and while recuperating was asked to continue working from home. My supervisor went so far as to argue with my wife on the phone. I filed a complaint with HR and upon my return had a meeting with my supervisors, their manager, and the HR director. In the meeting I was told I would not be terminated due to anything that occurred during my medical leave. However, in the same meeting, I was given a list of complaints dating back over the prior 11 months of employment and given a new set of work expectations. I feel as though I'm being set-up to be fired. If I am terminated is any recourse possible?

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You cannot be terminated in retaliation for taking FMLA leave, but you can be terminated for something else, including those things disovered by the employer when you are out on leave. If you think your FMLA leave was the reason for the employers action, you have the right to either file a complaint with the Dept. of Labor or file a lawsuit in court.

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