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Is it legal to convert my LP records into MP3 and CD for personal use?

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Is it legal to convert LPs that I owe and plan to keep into MP3 files for my ipod? I would only be converting them for personal use, of course, and as a possible backup to my LPs (in which I would turn them into CDs) which I do not plan to get rid of since I collect them. I received a turntable to do so but I wanted to check if it was legal before converting them.

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Yes, but you need to be clear about "personal use." This means that you are converting the LP's into MP3 files only for your use and enjoyment---and not for the purpose of distributing or sharing the music with others. If your purpose is to resell copies of the music and/or even if your purpose is to distribute copies for free, this might still constitute copyright infringement.




Yes. What you can't do is make copies of copyrighted music for any non-personal use. Please see the RIAA's link below.

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Yes, this is a legal use. You can actually buy software that makes this process pretty much automatic (as much as it can be with an LP, obviously).