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Is it legal to collect donations on Facebook & my blog to help people in need? i keep $0 given. do i have to file w/ the state?

Charleston, SC |

current situation:
84 yr old partially paralized woman, never married, no kids, no relatives close by, no caregiver is living alone in a house her father built and her central heat and air no longer works. i need $4500 to replace the unit and duct work. if donations exceed this amount, i will either give the remaining amount to her or use it for the next person in need i come across. i want to be sure im not breaking any laws since i'm not a 'registered' donation or charity group/business. again, i keep not 1 cent of the donations.

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You do not need to file with the state, but be sure that the contributors know that you are not a charity, so they cannot deduct their gifts on their taxes. It needs to be clear the the contributions are GIFTS not DONATIONS, and that you are not legally obligated to account for your use of the funds.

The opinions expressed are of general legal principles, and are not specific to the laws of any state or other jurisdiction. I am licensed only in California.

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