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Is it legal in the state of Florida to voice record your own visits with a VA doctor? (Compensation Exam)

Panama City, FL |

I have been receiving treatment with doctors off and on for service-connected issues- when I go to get copies of the visits, I see that my "statements" on file are different from what I said exactly- I remember that these notes were not being typed as I sat in the room at the visit.

I know it seems small, but the statements on my records are fairly important because if someone says I "said" something at a visit, it needs to be correct.

I want to record all future visits because I don't want to seem as if I'm making up things just because the doctors I've been assigned is entering info on my records incorrectly.

Is it legal to record my future visits- and do I need to ask permission in the state of Florida?

Thank you....

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It is illegal to record someone without their permission. You may want to keep a diary of how you are feeling (whether it be everyday or on the day your meet with the VA doctor) so you keep your own record (make an entry before your visit and immediately after so you can recall what your reported).

If you think something fishy is going on, hire an attorney.



I'm unsure of what I would say exactly if I needed to try and get an attorney? Do I just say my doctors are treating me unfairly and marking notes that I never even said? I've been getting the run around lately due to the circumstances of my release from Active Duty......


This one is a bit dicey.

In FL, unless both (or all if more than 2) parties agree to the recording, the recording is a no-no.

This is one time to ask for permission, not forgiveness.

Good luck.

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Is it true that you are able to record in public areas in florida? With only the consent of one person?

David Joseph Rodziewicz

David Joseph Rodziewicz


Please see Jason's answer attached. I am not willing to advise how many angels might dance on the head of a pin, only to find my advice running you afoul of FL law. If I'm not being direct enough - Don't Do It. There are too many variables that could cause you to break the law, even unwittingly.



Thanks for that!

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