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Is it legal in california to hand out information in front of your child's school or can you get kicked out?

Rio Linda, CA |

Information pertains to clarifying details of a contract that parents are required to sign for an extra curricular activity. I would be on campus after school hours, but during a madatory parent meeting ffor this activity. Just wanting parents to completely understand a contract which I signed and was not fully aware of until to late, and before they hand over their first payments of anywhere form $130 to $230.

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So, would you be "on campus" or not? You can't have it both ways: "in front of your child's school " and "on campus after school hours."

California schools generally operate as closed campuses, meaning that anyone who is on campus must be there with the express permission and knowledge of school administration. Any other presence is legally a trespass and you can be removed from the premises and even criminally prosecuted and subject to civil restraining orders and potential civil penalties. Be certain that you have sought and received permission before you set about your plan. It could wind up costing you a lot more than $230.00.

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Thank you, I would have been on campus, sorry for the confusion. Wish I knew how to legally notify the parents or guardians.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


Has the school or class or parent group published an email list? Or you can intercept persons at some off-campus site? it is only being on campus that raises issues of trespass -- it is not the content of what you want to communicate.

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