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Is it legal for someone to sale another person out without authorization?

Mesa, AZ |

I have a neighbor that has been telling men they can get sex from me all they had to do is pay me, I do not know this girl but a few words, she also collects money for finders fees, And because I have repeatedly turned them down and sent them down the road after telling them I am not interested that I am not a hooker, And not to return! Now this neighbor is harrassing me and threatening me and my home, What can I do legally about this?

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If the harassment involves physical threat or trespass, you could go to Justice Court and get an order of protection. If it is just words, your legal remedy is probably a suit for defamation. They are hard to prove, but if this person's conduct is sufficiently egregious, you could win. The next question is whether the neighbor has enough assets to pay a judgment, if you win.