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Is it legal for my former employer to tell members of the community why I was fired?

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I was fired from my job in the publications office of a Christian college. It got back to the president that I had a was dating/sexually involved with a student (my age is 22, the student is 25.) I agree that was against the rules. However, the president of the college contacted my preacher from church (not affiliated with the school) and told him about my "lack of morality". Is this legal???

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Your employment and subsequent termination are not matters designated as confidential by the law. Unless you were defamed by a false report that causes you damages, the president of the college did not act unlawfully in reaching out and communicating with your pastor. Of course it was officious, overbearing, self-important and intrusive, and you have every right to be offended and angry. But it was not unlawful.

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It doesn't sound illegal to me, provided the information the President shared with the preacher was true.

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