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Is it legal for my daughter to sleep with her dad and step mom in the same bed?

Dallas, TX |

I am the custodial parent and my 7 year old daughter's biological father and his wife live in a motel. I found out when my daughter came home from the last visit that she had to sleep with her dad and his wife. Is that even legal? Does he have to at least buy an air mattress for my daughter for her to use when she is there? She is about to have to go and stay a month with him for summer visitation and I am wondering what has to change if anything??

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Legal, yes. A good idea, probably not.

If you are truly concerned, have your divorce attorney file a motion to address the sleeping arrangements, or buy her an air mattress. Buying the air mattress will be a lot cheaper.

Good luck.


Not illegal. If this is a serious concern for your daughter's emotional well being etc., consult your attorney to try to modify specifics of visitation etc.

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