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Is it legal for my 17 yr old stepson to live with his aunt is my husband allows him to ?

Tucson, AZ |

My husband and I are tired of our 17 yr old running away and not wanting to follow our rules. He thinks all this is a game and laughs in our face about it all.

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Absolutely! Provided that your husband has sole custody or if he and the boy’s mom have joint custody and mom agrees, he absolutely can send him to live with his aunt, no problem! Of course, if he won’t follow the rules at your home, chances are not good that he will follow the rules at his aunt’s house either, but such may make life a bit easier for you and his dad.

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Make sure you send him with a power of attorney giving them authority over all aspects of his life.


I have a 17 and an 18 year old and know it can be difficult to live in the same home with an uncooperative teenager. Your husband can allow his son to live with another family member but will most likely still be responsible for the son's actions until he is 18 years old. He can send a power of attorney so the aunt can make some legal decisions on his behalf, or he can even allow her to take legal guardianship.

I agree with the other attorney that if he is not behaving in your home, he probably won't behave in someone else's home. He may need the opportunity to figure things out on his own without your genourosity of everything that he takes for granted.

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