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Is it legal for me to leave home at the age of 17 in milwaukee, wisconsin?

Milwaukee, WI |

i'm 17 and i'll be turning 18 in 4 months, is there any legal issues stopping me from leaving my home and moving in somewhere else?

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The age of majority in Wisconsin is 18, meaning at 18 you are considered an adult (in most instances) and are free to move out. Would your parents agree to this? Are you still in high school and if so, when will you graduate? Are you getting married?

If your parents give their permission, there shouldn't be a problem especially since you only have four months until you are 18. If you are still in/entering your last year of high school, the situation might be tougher.

If your parents do not give you permission, there is the process of emancipation. Basically, you would have to ask the court to declare you free from your parents, if the court finds you to be emancipated, your parent's legal responsibilities of you would be severed and you would be responsible for your own well being. This would involve legal steps, such as filing a petition. At a hearing, you would have to and show you are able to support yourself fully.

If you are getting married (and your parents have consented to this) you will be considered emancipated when you are married.

Since you only have 4 months until you are 18, filing a petition may be cost money and take time and most likely last longer than 4 months.

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