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Is it legal for an international student to freelance (when he was outside the U.S) and get paid for this job when he came back?

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Is it legal if an international student worked on a freelance project when he was outside the U.S for a vacation, and after he came back to the U.S the company transferred the money to his U.S account ?

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That is not illegal. The work was performed overseas and the money also earned abroad. The mere fact that the earnings were transferred to the US bank account does not make it illegal in any way.

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If the money was earned for work done outside the U.S., it does not impact immigration status.


The U.S. does not try to prevent people who are outside of the U.S. from working, just inside the U.S.

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The issue here is whether you are going to report this income. Are you going to file a tax return in the US? Or in your country? In any case, it is wise to look for the advice of an international tax expert. Best

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