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Is it legal for an employer to take money from your check without your authorization?

Macon, GA |

Money was stolen at the job 87.73 to be exact and it was said to have taken place on my shift. Well the person who took the money admitted to me what they had did and asked me to take responsibility for it. I refused and immediately told my supervisor. At that time nothing was done about the situation. The person who took the money later quit the job and a month later the money was taken out of my check and it was titled "employee advancement". I never signed any papers agreeing to such, I am not certain if the surveillance cameras were reviewed before taking this action and the matter had not been brought up in nearly a month. What should I do

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What happened when you asked your supervisor about it? That was the obvious first step and probably would have led to an explanation of their side of the story.



"I'm going to look into it" that was her reply


Your employer cannot deduct money from your check for funds that were taken by someone else. The employer also cannot deduct monies from your paycheck if the deductions cause you to be paid less than the minimum wage or overtime wage if applicable. Ask the employer to reimburse you. Good luck.

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