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Is it legal for an auto repair shop to charge storage fees?

Van Nuys, CA |

The auto repair shop that repaired my engine is charging me a daily storage fee for the entire time my car was on their lot. According to my insurance company, my car could have been there for a year waiting for them to pay the claim & they cant charge me a dime. Well the repair shop isnt budging and every day the amount they are charging me goes up! Is this legal?

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In many states there are laws that require that the repair shop must include if there are to be daily storage charges right in the estimate for work upon which the basis for the repair agreement is negotiated. In many states a Repair Estimate must Include "daily storage charges" if any. I do not practice in your state (I am in Chicago, IL) so you might check with the local better business bureau to see if there are any local or state requirements for auto shops and disclosure of daily storage charge fees for auto repair shops.

So, if your auto repair shop put such charges in your estimate, you may have had to read the fine print on the paperwork before signing up with the shop. If not, you may have a beef.

Good luck to you.

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I am trying to figure out if it is there because you were unable to afford to pay to pick it up or what the reason it is there for. Also, is there any paperwork you signed or have relating to when you gave the car to them that addresses this?

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