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Is it legal for an 18 year old girl to date a 15 year old boy?

Ishpeming, MI |

My dad and step mom says that I can't go out with this 15 year old at my school because they think its illegal to do that. Is it, I've been wondering and it's bothering me?

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Dating is not the issue. Concern is potential to be charged with crime of statutory rape or sexual abuse of minor by an adult. If he were 16 it would not be a legal issue. You should listen to them as they are trying to protect you from ruining your life by becoming a registered sex offender which will prevent you from living many places and getting good jobs.

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The statutory age of consent in MIchigan is 16 so you cannot consent to sexual intercourse. Listen to your parents because they have experience in the laws and have your interests at heart. Ruining an 18 year old person's future is not wise if you care for him which you likely do.


While it is not "illegal" for an 18 year old to date a 15 year old, it certainly has potential for incredible disaster. You need to listen to your parents, they are looking out for what is best for you. You need to understand that first, if the two of you end up in ANY type of physical relationship, (and I mean even touching/heavy petting), you can and will be charged with some type fo Criminal Sexual Conduct; the most likely being either CSC 2, or CSC 3. Both of these are punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Worse, however, is you will spend pretty much the rest of your life registering as a convicted sex offender; a database which by the way gets checked by your neighbors, employers, schools/colleges, etc. It will restrict how near to a school you can live, etc. In short, a miserable existence. Secondly, consider that even if nothing happens and the relationship ends badly how are you going to defend yourself if he alleges the two of you had sexual intercourse. Guess what, you won't be able to; afterall, you will have spent so much time alone with him here and there on dates, how in the world would you establish that you didn't. In a CSC trial, the testimony of the victim is legally sufficient by itself, with no other evidence, to convict someone. I strongly urge you to listen to your parents.