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Is it legal for a used car dealer in Texas to place a GPS tracking device on your car without your consent?

Arlington, TX |

I have had this car since June 20 2012 and the car has yet to have my name registered on the vehicle. My car was towed on 9/6 because I had a late fee that I hadn't paid but my principal was current. I was not given a copy of my contract when I purchaed the vehicle and now I"m trying to get a copy to verify if they have in writting that there is a GPS tracker on the car and they are stalling. They tell me they cannot get my contract to me until tomorrow because it is at the owner's house. It just sounds suspicious to me.

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It's not clear what the terms of your transaction were, or why the car isn't registered to you, and you don't say what it is that makes you think there's a GPS tracking devce on the car. However, if the car is not yours (i.e. you don't have title), the owner can do what they want with it.


In every state I know about the dealer MUST give you a signed copy of the K at the time of sale. If you can somehow prove they did not do this, you can probably get out of the deal. I have no idea how you can prove it. There may be other infractions present here and TX has a strong consumer protection act (one of the few things W did not gut while he was there) so, get hold of a consumer protection atty in your neck of the woods and see what you can do. Look here for someone competent:

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