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Is it legal for a teacher to videotape students in the hall in Maryland using a personal device?

Baltimore, MD |

The teacher used a personal device (iphone) to record students who were walking down the halls after the bell had rung. The students were complicit in the recording at the time, as they were not told why they were being recorded. Following this, the students were told to walk down the hallway to the administrators office, they were continuously videotaped, even though they were A) entirely complicit with the teachers and B) already had their faces recorded. Upon arrival at the office, the teacher gave the video to the administrator and left. The specific question is; Is it legal for a teacher to use a personal recording device to administrate.

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I am assuming this is a public school, so use of an iPhone in a public place is permitted. Now, if this is a private school, then check the policy in place signed by the users.


I don't see anything illegal about what the teacher did. It does not seem like they were doing so with an impermissible purpose based on the facts provided.

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