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Is it legal for a statement from an 11 yr old to be shown to other minors and adults after being handed to the police.

Pineville, LA |

My 11 yr old was involved in a crime with another friend of his, everything has been settled and damages paid. After gaining very strong trust in my son, the police officer asked if it was o.k. for him to write a statement out about what happened, the officer made it clear to myself my son and a witness that he was not allowed to show anyone except his boss the statement, he is a minor and it was just between my son and the police, so I agreed to let him write the statement out, later when the parents of the other child went to see the police and before they questioned him, the child confessed to being involved, the officer had already showed the childs sibling the statement then showed the parents, they told me what color paper and what was in the statement, was that legal?

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It's sometimes called "trickery". Although I am not familiar with the law in your state, my familiarity with both my state's law and that of the Federal Courts tells me that the police tactic you've described would be considered lawful. I will wait with you for agreement or correction with others who are knowledgeable with your state's conclusion on this issue. In any event, I see no impact on your son's case.


Mr Jones is correct. Unless there is a specific Louisiana law that prohibits the police conduct which you describe in your question, what the police did was legal. You may feel betrayed but their job is to solve crimes. I would suggest you speak to a criminal defense lawyer in the area (if for no other reason than peace of mind) to find out the answer to your question. Good luck.


I would agree with my two colleagues. I would only add that this is a perfect example of why you should never make a statement to law enforcement without first consulting an attorney. It is rare that an uncounseled statement would ever help a persons situation. Having said that, I do not believe it will be of any consequence in your situation.