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Is it legal for a police officer to ask a minor question about crimes he may of commited without reading his rights?

Hodgenville, KY |

Im 17, my freind burglarized a store and i had taken him to a diffrent store earlier that night and droped him off with another person. Well a state police officer came to my house and noone was there but me and my older freind, the police officer pretty much stated he knew that i was involed, but i wasnt into any trouble if i admitted bein involved but if i didnt say i had anything to do with it that they were going to urrest me. I have a child on the way and didnt wanna go to jail so i wrote a statement telling them i knew about it and took him to commit the burglary, this was false i just told them what they wanted to hear so i wouldnt go to jail. I was red no rights. What do you think ?

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I don't think you were under arrest, so, you were not in a custodial interrogation situation that would have required the Miranda vs. Arizona protections.

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