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Is it legal for a landlord to obtain police reports and personal medical information from a friend on the local police departmen

Crest Hill, IL |

an ambulance was called for my son for a medical emergency and local police responded also. I was then contacted by the landlord regarding this issue and he said he got the police report and personal medical information from a friend or family member at either the police department or mayor's office.
the landlord is related to the mayor of the city we are renting a house from him. he said he is contacted by this family member regarding anything that happens at the house we rent from him. the police dept. also searched my son's room without asking permission and took items with them and then the landlord asked me about the incident and i asked him how he found out about this personal medical emergency from family at the police dept and mayors office. we think he is related to mayor of city

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Attorney answers 2


Your question is very confusing. Police reports can be obtained through Freedom of Information requests. If the information is contained there, then this is not a privacy issue. However, the other information seems to be more unusual. If there was a search of your son's room, more issues and facts are there than you have disclosed. Whether there is anything illegal is doubtful but you should speak directly with an attorney to present your facts in more detail for the best guidance.


Police reports are public records