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Is it legal for a 18 years old to date a 16 year old and engage in sexual intercourse?

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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 11 months. My mom and dad love my boyfriend. My mom knows everything that has happened, she knows we have sex along with his parents.And their perfectly okay with it. But my boyfriend turns 18 in ten days and he's freaking out because he doesn't want to get in trouble for being with me. My mom is a correctional officer and she has told me and him that there is a statue that allows for us to be together since both parents have consented to this for so long. But now he would really like to see some proof, so I'm asking the big professionals.We live in Florida by the way.

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I have never heard of such a statute. Ask your mom to show it to you.

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Your mother could legally forbid you from seeing him (she is your mom, after all), but there isn't a specific statute that says it. No Florida statute forbids an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old from engaging in intercourse. If he were older or you were younger, it could be a problem.