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Is it legal fof one family member to sign another family member will

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Typically a person will need to sign their own Will, someone can not sign for them, especially a family member. There is a Florida Statute that would allow someone else to sign the Will on the Testators instruction, however that would have to be an uninterested person and done in conformance with Florida law. It would be likely the Will would not be valid if a family member signed.


If the testor is unable to sign his/her will, then she can have "help" penning his/her signature. It is generally not good practice to have a family member do this or be a witness, although they are allowed to witness a will execution.

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I agree with the attorneys above. Moreover, if it has to be a family member, then try to make it one with no interest or very little in the Will. Office tel: (561)245-4723 Website: The answer provided does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is the answer provided intended to be relied upon as legal advice. The information provided by the questioner is insufficient to serve as the basis for meaningful legal analysis. It is the questioner's responsibility to seek legal advice from an attorney who has had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the full details of the questioner's case. By providing these answers, I am not obligated to respond to any subsequent communication from the questioner. If the questioner would like me to serve as their legal counsel and render legal advice, they will have to sign a retainer agreement. The questioner is free to contact my office for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.