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Is it leagle for a realitor to sell me a lot that used to be a tire dump. property still has 300 + tires on it & i wasnt told.

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Realitor showed me the wrong property until the day before i signed a contract. then "relized" that it was the property next to it instead. she took me out to see it and told me that i was actually getting a better deal. i was told that there was nothing wrong with the property and that it wasnt ever a trash dump. i have entered a contract with them, with the perk test and uncovering of the corner pins being the only contingency. got tired of waiting for the realitor to uncover pins so i went to do it myself. while i was looking for back corner pin, i came across almost 300 + tires i hadnt seen them before because they're in a creek bed, hidden from obvouse sight. i feel the realitor knew about this and tricked me. is it leagle to sell a property w/o disclosing that info? what should i do?

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You should consult an attorney immediately. The attorney will need to see the sales contract and deed and any plats. Take photos, too, if you can. It may be that you were too trusting and did not do your due diligence; however, it may be that you were misled and misinformed -- or even "tricked" as you say. You will need an attorney to sort this out and advocate for you. I wish you all the best in getting th is matter sorted out.

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I agree that you need to consult with an attorney immediately. Taking title to property that was historically used as a trash dump can have many potential environmental liabilities. For example, hazardous substances might have been disposed of at the property. Under federal law, the owner of the property is liable for cleaning up the property.


While I totally agree with both previous posters and recommend you speak to an attorney immediately, it si possible that the realtor was not informed of the tires, and that even teh buyer may not be aware. We've had a serious problem in the Atlanta area with dumpers searching out vacant lots and in the dead of night dumping truck loads of tires and running off so they won't have to pay the high cost of used tire disposal. Not trying to defend the seller/realtor, just adding some additional info.

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