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Is it lawful to rent a onebedroom apartment to a) a couple with a child or children of the opposite sex, or b) to rent a one be

Philadelphia, PA |

I have been living in apartments all my life and none would allow me to rent a one bedroom because I had a male child. Where I'n living at now, I notice that they are renting one bedrooms to entire families. I even had a young couple upstairs with an overactive son of whom I had to listen while the two adults were having sex and the young boy banged on the bedroom door.

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There are local regulations regarding the number of occupants for an apartment. However, there is no rule against renting a one bedroom apartment to a man and woman. That being said, a landlord can rent or not rent to whomever they wish as long as they are not discriminating against someone based upon ethnicity, race, gender, etc.