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Is it illegal to treat your dog at home for the mange when non-vet treatments are sold for such?

Acworth, GA |

A neighbor called the dog warden and demanded an investigation on a dog for the mange after she saw him outside without fur. His fur was growing back after home-based treatment was started but the dog warden seized the dog without a warrant based on the fact that the dog's fur was not yet fully grown back. The owner was arrested on charges of cruelty and the dog seized. -- Is it illegal to treat a dog at home and how can the owner fight the charges? Is there a hearing that can result in the charges to be dropped by a judge?

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You will need a local animal/dog attorney for this situation. Yes, you can treat at home if you can show that you were actively treating the dog's condition and it was making progress. Getting an attorney sooner rather than later will keep costs down, as they will charge per day for seizing the dog and charge for the treatment.


Is there anything else in this fact pattern we should know? Any prior history of "neglect?"

My colleague is correct in that you need to find an animal law lawyer here pretty quick.

Collect up your receipts of purchase for the mange cure to help show active treatment of the ailment. I find it hard to believe that there would be in Georgia some law that prevents one from treating her own animals. Seems ridiculous. Sounds like there may be neglect charges.

Get a lawyer asap and best of luck to your neighbor/friend!

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There is no prior history of neglect.