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Is it illegal to sell fake handbags in miami, fl?

Hialeah, FL |
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Of course it is. It's a violation of federal trademark infringement law to sell counterfeit/fake/pirated/replica/knockoff/copied goods in every state.

Those are valuable brands because their trademark owners spent a lot of money to advertise them and make them famous and prestigeous. If you sell poorer quality products to convince or confuse consumers that your goods are genuine, that's trademark infringement, and you could be sued civilly and/or criminally prosecuted.

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Yes and depending on the severity you may also be criminally liable too.

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There are several potential sources of liability in situations like this: federal and state counterfeiting and trademark infringement, federal and state trademark dilution, federal copyright infringement, state unfair competition, state consumer protection statutes, city-specific ordinances, etc. (See I walked through many of these causes of action in one of my blog posts, which addressed a lawsuit brought by Coach against Jo-Ann Fabrics: The bottom line: there are *numerous* ways you could get in trouble for this -- including criminally, as the previous answer indicates.

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Yes. This is not just a civil violation of copyright, trademark and various state and common law theories. This can constitute criminal misconduct---and prosecutions for illegal selling of counterfeit goods are increasing. In short, you can go to jail for this.

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