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Is it illegal to sell a manufactured home knowinging it has a mold problem which was covered up but never tell the buyer?

Brighton, MI |

i am looking to buy a manufactured home for my family and a family friend who works for the park informed me that the one i just put a deposit on has a bad mold problem within the walls from bad siding. when it was fixed it just had new siding put on and changed the dry wall in the house but he said it was never taken care of. i was never told of any problems by the sales office. what should i do? i dont want to lose my deposit but i dont want to risk my families health.

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Attorney answers 1


You have certain rights under the Michigan Mobile Home Commission Act. Specifically, MCL 125.2327 prohibits sellers of mobile homes to engage in any practice that would be deceitful in connection with the sale of such home.

I would advise you talk with an attorney about your rights in connection with this transaction. Certainly if it were me advising, I would contact the seller, demand they remedy the situation or return your deposit.