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Is it illegal to represent yourself as a licensed attorney when you are not one?

Houston, TX |

I had a lady checked out who was supposedly my ex-boss's attorney to find out if she was even a Texas licensed lawyer and she does not come up on any of the databases accessible to my friend who is lawyer. She is trying to convince me that they haven't paid me due to something I did not do, when I have proof i have done it all.

Is she committing a crime? Or is it just unethical? Can I press charges for misrepresentation and harassment since she has not stopped emailing me telling me how wrong I am and that I NEVER did my duties as an employee when I was told, by my boss, that I was the best in the area?

Also, she is trying to play my brother (ex-boss's assistant) and I against each other by telling constant lies about him.

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Attorney answers 3


Contact local Bar Grievance. The unauthorized practice of law is illegal.


If she actually held her self out as being licensed in Texas, and is not, that is unauthorized practice of the law and a violation of professional ethics. If, on the other hand, she merely is an attorney licensed in another jurisdiction and is representing you ex-boss' interests that may not run afoul of ethical requirements. Contact the Texas bar and have them answer your inquiry based on your particular facts and the local rules, requirements and prohibitions.


I agree with my colleagues. Contact the Bar. Keep in mind that if it turns out she is not an attorney while holding herself out to be one, that is a separate issue from whether or not she is harassing you and whether you have a claim against her for that.