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Is it illegal to post fake information and use a fake alias online, such as on Craigslist?

Indianapolis, IN |

I have a tendency to post a lot of ads on CLfor fun, if nothing else but to pass the boredom. I'm 23 and never mean any harm, nor do I engage in racist/harrassing behavior. Of course for privacy I will make up a false profile or say that I'm somebody I'm not when I'm talking to someone. I recently got someone mad at me online, and they threatened to report me to the police and said it was a felony to misrepresent oneselve online. We had been talking through email, so they had my name and tracked down my address and even knew my relatives names! Scary!

While I'm not so concerned with my safety, I do worry about the legal consequences involved. I have a federal job and any legal action would be grounds for immediate termination.

Thanks, just to clarify...I am NOT using somebody elses name or identity. I'm simple making up various online "personas". Basically fake names, backgrounds, careers, education levels, etc.

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You cannot claim to be someone else - i.e. identity theft, but there is a big difference in truely claiming to be someone else and putting in names in chat rooms etc, that are not your real names. Simply put you may wish to use initials in the future and thus not use anyones particular name. I would stop talking or responding to the email and change your email address.

NOTE: This is not intended to be legal advise. You may wish to talk to an attorney of your choosing if you want legal advise.