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Is it illegal to pay more than have of your net pay to child support?

Toronto, OH |

more than half is going to child support $720 for one child, and when i am unable to pay my own bills to keep utility's and a house for my child . do these things not factor in . i have my child just as much as the mother she makes more then i do , what can i do

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Federal law limits withholding orders to 50 – 55 % of income. However, this says nothing about the actual support order – just the amount that can be properly withheld from your wages. The remainder of the order still must be paid to comply with the Court Order.

You really need to consult with an attorney to have the amount of the Order reviewed and adjusted. There are a number of factors that go into the Ohio determination of appropriate child support. If there are large child care expenses, this will push the numbers up considerably. However, you should not be left homeless in order to pay a proper support order. Your investment in an attorney will save you funds and hardship over the long run.

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