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Is it illegal to have sex with an exotic dancer in a 30 minute private dance that you paid for? Is that considered prostitution

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I paid for a "VIP" at a strip club. It cost 90 dollars and that was for a 30 minute private dance in a private room. I had sexual intercourse with the dancer. Afterwards I gave money for a tip, 40 dollars, because she told me she was hurting for money lately. I am wondering if that is considered solicitation of prostitution. No agreements were made beforehand about how it would cost "this much" to have sex or anything like that. It just happened when we were back there.

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It does meet the definition of prostitution. You have compounded the problem by making an admission on a public site. You need to use more discretion in your personal affairs.


Technically yes it is prostitution. Of course, the authorities would have to be notified and the decision to prepare an arrest warrant has to be approved, which likely will not happen. Next time do not participate and remember that many clubs have hidden surveillance cameras.


If you pay for sex usually that is considered prostitution. However, if you paid for the lap dance and then sex happened afterwards that might be another thing. It all depends on the facts. I would go speak to a criminal defense attorney about it.

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