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Is it illegal to hack into someones facebook account?

Dundalk, MD |

my ex- boyfriend hacked into my facbook account and changed the password i figured it out and changed now i have gotten harassment texts and i ignored him and then told him i was done talking to him after he basically admitted to me that he had changed it though he failed at it because he left the email the same. Is there anything i can do?

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Hacking into someone else's account may violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, state privacy laws, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Contact the local FBI about possible criminal charges and contact Facebook about his violation of their terms and conditions. They may press charges as well for unauthorized use of their system.

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my friend hacked my other friends facebook. as in it was already logged on her account when she was on her friends computer. she read her messages and talked to other people saying it was her on her friends account. the friend said she can put my friend in jail for it. is that true?