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Is it illegal to give false and/or misleading information on public school lottery application? Then school registration form?

Kelso, WA |

My ex (never married, no court order, his GF is an attorney) signed up our kid in a public school lottery without my knowledge. I eventually found out. He put down HIS address as where child lives. School policy is that a child must be at least a 50% resident to be enrolled as a resident. I forwarded a letter to the enrollment office in which the dad states that he only has child 30% (which isn't even true) and proof that child goes to school in WA and lives with me. Child got into a school without my knowledge. Dad submitted docs without my knowledge. The principal, enrollment office and superintendent are allowing this. I said NO WAY!
Which Oregon law/statute deals with submitting false /misleading information to public servant?
Can the school get in trouble for allowing?

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Attorney answers 1


There appear to be some serious communications issues between you and your child's father. My sense is that your child's father may be planning to challenge your custody arrangements. I can only recommend that you contact a family law attorney as soon as possible to get this matter cleared up. What your child's father may not appreciate is that if the child is found to have been given an illegal or suspect admissions to a competitive entry school program (i.e. a lottery program) then the child may be forced to leave the school. Depending on the child's age this could be very upsetting and one has to question the judgment of an adult who does not anticipate the emotional harm that his/her conduct may cause a child.

This is not a substitute for a consultation with a family law attorney in your community.