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Is it illegal to do the following to get a car loan?

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Here is the situation: I have been approved for a loan subject to verifying that I have either been at a part-time job for 6 months or more, or that I have a full time job. Either one with an income of at least $1200/month. The problem is I work as a tutor on campus and I don't pay taxes on my earnings (at least I haven't yet) so I don't have a 1099 etc. I have a relative that just started a business in the last month, he said he would be willing to hire me, have me fill out a W2, and pay me $750 twice (If I give it back to him) to produce two legitimate pay stubs and a truthful if temporary letter attesting to my employment. Is this illegal and can it actually be found out? I essentially would like to do it legally even if it's bending the truth ethically.

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Do you think this is the right thing to do?


That would be fraud

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First, I would suggest that you not depend on your relative for ethical and moral advice. Second, in my 30 years of practicing law I have observed that many people who try to cut corners and live either close to the edge or over the edge of illegal/immoral behavior find themselves at some point in life in serious difficulty. Consequently, whether you can get away with it in this situation is not the issue. The real issue is whether you are setting yourself up for a pattern of behavior that will most likely catch up with you within a few years when you have more to lose.

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